The Tasting Panel Magazine – December 2016 Issue

In this month's issue of The Tasting Panel Magazine, Oak Ridge Winery was featured with a 4-page spread telling the story behind the winery.

The Tasting Panel Magazine sat down with Rudy, Shelly, & Raquel Maggio to gain an understanding of where the oldest operating winery in Lodi came from & where it's headed today.

The winery started in 1934 as East Side Winery and began as a cooperative with roughly 130 grape growers. In 2002, Rudy Maggio along with cousins Rocky & Don Reynolds purchased the winery so they knew they would always have a place for the fruits of their grape harvest.

"When they want them, they want them, and when they don't, they don't," said Rudy in reference to selling grapes to other wineries. Owning the winery, "more of a guarantee; you know you've got a home for your grapes."

Both daughters Shelly Maggio-Woltkamp & Raquel Maggio-Casity continue to be involved with the family business on both sides of the coin; contributing to farming the family vineyards while also working day-to-day at the winery.

For the full article pick up an issue of The Tasting Panel Magazine today or click here to view their digital copy on their website, pages 78-81.

Photo credit: The Tasting Panel Magazine | Jeremy Ball
Photo credit: The Tasting Panel Magazine | Jeremy Ball
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